Phanar to Attend Papal Installation

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March 16, 2013
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Phanar to Attend Papal Installation

Reported on March 15, 2012

According to AsiaNews, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew (Archontonis), will attend the celebrations for the installation of the new Pope Francis I.  He will be accompanied Met. John (Zizoulas), the titular bishop of Pergamon. Met. Johh, along with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, are noted for their liberal modernist and ecumenist stance among World Orthodox hierarchs.

Patriarch Bartholomew has gone so far as to endorse therapeutic abortion for the mentally retarded and physically deformed; Patriarch Bartholomew’s extremely liberal stance on abortion (which is echoed by American Greek Bishops and Moscow Patriarchate clergy who support legal abortion), as well as his view that Islam is a true revealed religion of God, will put him in an interesting position (even going so far as to laud the “Holy Book” the Qu’ran).

As the AsiaNew article cites, and many others have maintained all along, the Moscow Patriarchate’s real goal is control of what it perceives to be its ‘territory’. This ultimately includes the persecution, or domination and control, often by the most violent and blood thirsty means possible, of any group that challenges it.  During the days of the Soviet Empire, the Bishops of the Russian Church who capitulated to any and all demands of the Atheist Regime (even becoming government agents in cassocks, and betraying large numbers of faithful to death and labour camps, as well as going so far as to repudiate Orthodox tradition and allow non-Orthodox Christians to take communion), were used by the Soviet government to violently persecute the Uniate Ukrainian Greek Catholics in Ukraine. While, obviously, we are not sympathetic to the heterodox theological position of the Uniate churches (nor to the heterodox views of the MP), this should not deter us from the real motivations behind much of what is transpiring.

Many have long wondered about why the supposedly pro-life Roman Catholic Church would say nothing at all about even the radical liberal abortion agenda propagated in the World Patriarchates; especially the Ecumenical Patriarch.  The only obvious answer is that the Vatican does know, and has little concern. As more and more Roman Catholic traditionalists (who are no friends to Orthodoxy) are beginning to discover, the current Pope is not a ‘conservative’ as he seems (such as the open acceptance of homosexual relationships by the clergy of former Cardinal Bergoglio).



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