Serbian True Orthodox Church Enters into Formal Communion with ROCANA

From the website of the Serbian TOC:

On Sunday, 28th Sept/11 Oct 2020 AD, the hierarchs of the Serbian True Orthodox Church and the Russian Church Abroad served the divine liturgy together at Uteshiteljevo Monastery outside of Belgrade, the sealing of a dialogue for the establishment of Eucharistic communion between the two sister churches.

This majestic co-celebration was the beginning of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of ROCOR.

Four hierarchs presided over the divine services: the bishops of the STOC His Grace Akakije of Uteshiteljevo and His Grace Nektarije of Shumadia, and the bishops of ROCOR, Archbishop Andronik of New York and North America and Archbishop Sofrony of Saint Petersburg and Northern Russia, with the co-celebration of eight priests from Serbia and the USA.

From the ROCANA website:

After visiting the Milkov Monastery, the delegation visited the 15th Century Serbian monastery Manasija, surrounded by massive walls and towers of the medieval fort, where the ancient Church of the Holy Trinity is located.  Although today the church is under the authority of the ecumenical Serbian Church, the church structure itself encompasses an example of the early icon paintings from which other local churches learned of the skill.  Here the relics of St Stephan Lazarevic, King Lazar’s son, are located. The top of the tomb was opened for the delegation to see and venerate by a nun on the premises who gave much respect to our bishops, clergy and faithful. Father Stefan, of the STOC, later that day made a comment, that he visited and venerated the saint’s relics many times before, but this day was the first time that the tomb was uncovered for him to witness.

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