Bp. Akakije (STOC) Letter Against Travesty in Serbia

October 08, 2014  (Source: http://serbiantrueorthodox.blogspot.com)

Originally reported on Sept. 24

“And the Lord said, ‘Because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very grievous, I will go down now, and see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it; and if not, I will know.”  (1 Gen. 18:20-21)
On Sunday September 28 according to the civil calendar, every man who considers himself an Orthodox Christian must in a dignified and non-violent way pronounce his “NO!” to the citizens of Sodom, who with the support of the pro-European democratic government will shamelessly march through the Serbian capital.  They seek that we Orthodox Serbs accept their Sodomite sin as a normal phenomenon, without which acceptance Serbia has no place in the morally degenerate, anti-Christian European Union.
Who are the citizens of Sodom, and what are the consequences of their morally depraved revolution which they are attempting for the umpteenth time to conduct soon in Belgrade? Do you know, Brother and Sister Serbs, the Old Testament story of righteous Lot and the city of Sodom?  That story should reveal to us what kind of God-hated scourge is coming to the Serbian capital of Belgrade, and through this, to the entire Serbian people.

God’s righteous servant Lot did not support, defend or justify his fellow-citizens, the Sodomites, who practiced the God-hated, unnatural sin of homosexuality.  God sent two angels to destroy the city of Sodom and all its surroundings because the horrible cry of Sodom’s sin rose up all the way to Him, for human nature itself, violated and defiled by this unnatural fornication, cried out to God for punishment.  Thus the angels told Lot that they were sent by God to wipe out all who rose against their own nature and thereby angered their Creator, Who set the bounds of morality in nature.  It should be mentioned that the Sodomites, young and old, as it is written in the Old Testament, not only practiced their sin among themselves but also drew others to it.  The good Lot at the entry to the city met with the two angels in the appearance of two handsome youths, foreign travelers, and invited them to spend the night in his home.  To some extent he did this for the sake of showing hospitality, but also to protect them from his lecherous fellow-citizens.  The travelers were settled at his house;  but before they had lain down to sleep, the Sodomites, young and old, surrounded Lot’s house and cried out to Lot to give the foreign youths over to them so that they could commit this unnatural fornication with them.  And the good Lot addressed them, “Do not evil, my brothers.  Behold, I have two daughters who are virgins, I will lead them out to you to do with them what you will, only do not touch these men, for they have come under my roof.”  All the same, the citizens of Sodom, enflamed not with natural, but with unnatural passion, did not desire Lot’s daughters, but only these young arrivals with which to satisfy their disgusting and lawless lust. Seeing this, the angels of God sent upon the Sodomites a blindness, which disabled them to the extent that they were not only unable to find Lot’s house, but even their own houses.  Then the angels told Lot to lead his closest relatives out of the city, for Sodom would be destroyed on account of its unnatural sin which was great before the Lord.  Lot went out of the city with his wife and daughters, and God sent down from the heavens a shower of fire and brimstone, destroying Sodom and all the surrounding cities, fields, people and animals.  (Genesis chapter 19).

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