Meeting Held between Met. Agafangel, Abp. Kallinikos, and Met. Vlasie On Ecclesiology

March 21, 2014

According to the website of the GOC (K) Metropolis of Attica and Boeotia, a meeting was held between Abp. Kallinkos, First Hierarch of the GOC (K), Metropolitan Vlasie of the Romanian Old Calendar Church, and Metropolitan Agafangel of the ROCOR (A). The discussion is to cover the topic of the “Genuine Orthodox Church against the heresy of ecumenism.”

There are still many publicly unanswered questions as regards the situation of the Met. Agafangel and the Synod of the ROCOR (A) in regards to the accomplished union of the now defunct SiR with the GOC (K).¬† A question which has caused some heated debate is that in regards to the ‘Grace Question’. Hopefully, in the near future, more information will be forthcoming.