Joint “Message of Vigilance” by GOC (K), ROCOR (A), and Romanian True Orthodox Hierarchs

A Message of Vigilance and of Allegiance
to the “Right Confession of Faith”
of the Genuine Orthodox Christians
Sunday of the Samaritan Woman, May 16, 2016 (Old Style)
The “Sound Doctrine”
of the Holy Apostles, the Fathers, and the Synods,
and the So-Called Great Synod
of the Ecumenists
Genuine Orthodoxy Versus the Heresy of Syncretistic Ecumenism
A. Introduction: A Critical Stance and Preparedness
Beloved Brethren and Concelebrants in Christ;
beloved children in the Lord and in Genuine Orthodoxy:
We who have been vouchsafed, by the mercy and love for mankind of our Savior Jesus Christ, to serve the small flock of the Genuine Church pray from the bottom of our hearts for your stalwartness in the “sound doctrine” of the Holy Apostles, the Fathers, and the Synods, and we embrace you in the Light of the Resurrection and of our blameless Faith.
During these days, by the Grace and help of the Theotokos, we—Greek, Russian, and Romanian Shepherds and representatives of Genuine Orthodox Christians throughout the world—have come together in order to participate in the truly extraordinary event of the inclusion of the Confessor-Hierarch Chrysostomos (Kabourides, †1955), former Metropolitan of Phlorina, in the Orthodox Calendar of Saints, and, on this occasion of our joint consultation, to address to you some words of peace, consolation, fortification, and information.