ROCOR-A Condemns Nazism

A Declaration of the Synod of Bishops
of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad

Recently among members of our Church in the Russian Federation, a tendency has manifested itself to justify the Third Reich, to express sympathy to its leaders and the ideology of German Nazism. This tendency arose in connection with the debate over nationalistic-Bolshevism. Nevertheless, it cannot be justified. The ideology of Nazism with its elements of racism and its adoption of the anti-Christian theories of Nietszche and Darwin contradict the dogmatic teachings of the Orthodox Church, its anthropology and Soteriology. The pagan, aggressive nature of the Third Reich is hostile to historic Russia and the ideals of Holy Russia. If the plans of world domination by the Third Reich had been realized, it would have led to the extermination and the enslavement of the Russian nation and the destruction of the Russian land. That is why Orthodox-minded Russian patriots who fought the Soviet regime during the years of World War II were not counting on Hitler and the Nazi party, but on the conservative, anti-Nazi forces of Germany which were opposed to the Nazi regime.

Anyone who wishes to be a part of the Russian traditions of the ROCA should better acquaint themselves with the works of its founders and ideologues and understand that the White, Russian way is fundamentally different from the brown, Nazi way. Those who do not wish to understand this and do not wish to accept the ideology of the ROCA and even openly express their agreement with Nazism in the guise of supposed religious teachings cannot be considered members of our Church.

Odessa, October 28November 10, 2011

+Metropolitan AGAFANGEL

First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad

Members of the Synod of Bishops :

+Archbishop SOFRONIY



(who offered his personal opinion)

+Bishop KIRILL


+Bishop NIKON