GOC-K/SiR Dialogue: Ecclesiological Discussion Completed

On Thursday, February 7/20, 2014, the Joint Committee for Dialogue between the Church of the GOC of Greece and the Synod in Resistance met. Of note:

1. A joint text, titled The True Orthodox Church in Opposition to the Heresy of Ecumenism Dogmatic and Canonical Issues was finalized; the work on ecclesiology is thus finished. This text will need to be approved by the respective Synods.

2. The remaining work will be of a canonical and pastoral nature:

Both Committees came to realize the fortunate completion of the work presented to them. Furthermore, the cooperation of the two sides will continue through the Committees’ Secretariats so that they can address and finalize those things which remain for the compilation of some other documents. Simultaneously, the Dialogue will continue between Committees made up of different personnel, in order to discuss issues of a canonical and practical nature.

3. An agreement on the work presently concluded will be signed the Second Week of Great Lent

It was agreed that he next Joint Deliberation made up of the present personnel, which will be of a procedural nature in order to sign the Common Conclusions of the present Dialogue, will take place on within the 2nd week of the Fast in the hall of church of the Apostles Peter and Paul in Daphne, Athens.

Source: The Thirteenth Joint Statement