Update on the Dialogue Between the SiR and the GOC-K

Bishop Ambrose of Philippi Received into GOC-K
February 20, 2014
GOC-K/SiR Dialogue: Ecclesiological Discussion Completed
March 5, 2014

Update on the Dialogue Between the SiR and the GOC-K

For some time now, a dialogue has been occurring between representatives of the Synod in Resistance and the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece under Archbishop Kallinikos. The major points of disagreement—ecclesiological and canonical—have been acknowledged and discussed in an open atmosphere, with brotherly love, and with recourse to the primary source documents present in the archives of both Synods.

For the benefit of our readers, we are providing links to the most recent joint statements. We are quite pleased that the Commission decided to release written reports for each meeting, allowing a chronicling of this process.

Tenth Meeting

Eleventh Meeting

Twelfth Meeting



  1. Fr. Michael Azkoul says:

    Church in Resistance, is it not the group that intercommunes with the New Calendar-Ecumenist Church of Greece and espouses the Toll-House theory and celebrates the heresies of Augustine of Hippo?

    • Joseph says:

      Fr. Michael Evlogeite! Yes this is the same group. We have to stop focusing on yesterdays news and judging people by their past. The whole “once a bully always a bully” or “once a thief always a thief” mentality has to stop if we truly desire the unity of right believing Traditional Orthodox. The SIR are taking giant steps in acknowledging their errors and making corrections. We should all be overjoyed as Traditional Orthodox Christians, not be looking to keep knocking them down. I write this with the utmost respect towards you and ask for your forgiveness if I have grieved you. May we all have a profitable and great lent.

      • Fr. Michael Azkoul says:

        Do you understand the political, social and spiritual implications of traditionalism? Do you want to live according to the sacred canons? What are the ramifications of Orthodox exclusivism in a world of moral relativism and multiculturalism? The devil jeers!

        • Joseph says:

          Yes Father, I do want to live according to the sacred canons, and believe me I agree with your position. I have always disagreed with the ecumenistic ecclesiology of the SIR. After reading the reports from the three meetings in the above article, I was shocked to see the SIR (potentially) correcting their very flawed/heretical ecclesiology. I was just looking at the positives that have surfaced after these numerous meetings. Uniting blindly with any group without a mutual confession of faith would be disastrous.

        • Anonymous says:

          How would you know what the devil does? You can’t see into the spiritual plain. The GOC is schismatic, hypocritical, corrupt, unethical, cultic, unchristian, and Pharisaical. Only a mind controlled slave who engages in “thought stopping” techniques and is not allowed to test his own reality, would deny these facts.

      • Anonymous says:

        SIR is are not “True Orthodox Christians.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Fr. Michael is an absolute fraud. Like the other pseudo-clergy in the GOC, he turned a deaf ear, and turned his back on an innocent person who was unjustly and uncanonically pushed away from the GOC (by bishop sergios black), even though he was never excommunicated. These pharisees do not have the slightest inkling of Christian love. They are absolute hypocrites and phonies if ever there was one. Fr. Michael also failed to defend the 2002 Encyclical, which forbids their clergy giving communion to new calendarists. All these people are cultic schismatics, who are not able to think for themselves or test their own realities. They are under complete mind control.

  2. HmkEnoch says:

    Members of the GOC under Abp. Kallinikos also teach the Toll-Houses teachings and celebrate Augustine of Hippo as a saint; and they’ve been accused of communing New Calendarists as well in America and Greece.

  3. Herman says:

    Almost all of the True Orthodox people that I know (including clergy and hierarchs) believe in the Toll Houses and honor Blessed Augustine. What’s wrong with that? The Toll Houses are even mentioned in the service books of the Orthodox Church. I guess we have to throw away all the service books now! As for communing heretics who are not in the Church (world orthodox new calendarists) that is a serious problem that these two synods need to address now!

    • Anonymous says:

      “TOC” Christians are hypocrites, and give Communion to new calendarists. There’s no such thing as a “TOC” Christian, by the way. There is only One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

  4. Fabio Barreto da Silva says:

    What about RTOC Archbishop Tikhon of Omsk and Siberia and the ROCOR Metr. Agathangel(Pashkovsky) of Odessa???

    • Fabio Barreto da Silva says:

      The Dialogue bettween SiR and GOC-K clearly bring implications on the 2 tradicionalists russian synods.

    • Herman says:

      What about those two Russian Synods?

    • Anonymous says:

      Both of these Russian groups are schismatic. By the way, Father Oleg (RTOC-Stefan) gave Communion to an OCA member in San Francisco, and Father Vladimnir Mordvinkin (RTOC-Stefan), told me to attend church at St. Herman’s Monastery (Serbian Patriarchate), and never bothered to explain himself. A person would have to be in prelest not to recognize that these groups are hypocritical and deluded schismatics. The RTOC was in Communion with Met. Cyprian, by the way. This means he was united with schismatics (and heretics by TOC standards).

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