Bishop Akakije of STOC joins RTOC Synod

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November 15, 2011

Bishop Akakije of STOC joins RTOC Synod

Via Euphrosynos Cafe:

  1. To confirm his Grace Bishop Akakije of Resava and Shumadiya, the President of the Serbian True Orthodox Church, as independent in the administration of the Serbian Church.
  2. To make his Grace Bishop Akakije a member of the Hierarchical Synod of the RTOC temporarily, until the re-establishment of a canonical organ of administration of the Serbian Church – a Hierarchical Synod of the STOC numbering four bishops, as is required by the canonical norms of the Orthodox Church.
  3. If practical problems requiring a conciliar, hierarchical discussion and resolution arise, his Grace Bishop Akakije can turn for help to the Hierarchical Synod of the RTOC.

Other important details include:


Heard: the report of his Grace Bishop Stefan of Trenton and North America, on the meeting of Bishop Stefan with the hierarchs of the Greek TOC on the territory of the USA, and with Bishops Photius and Chrysostom. From the report of Bishop Stefan it follows that the Greek hierarchs are sorry about the rift that has taken place and the interruption of dialogue with the RTOC.

My comments: While I am not qualified to comment on the situation in Europe, I can personally attest to very warm feelings between Bishop Stefan and Metropolitan Pavlos of Astoria, making a permanent rift between the GOC-Kallinikos and the RTOC unlikely. In North America especially I foresee continuing warm relations between parishes of both jurisdictions. Fr Photios Cooper from Beaverton, Oregon (now with GOC-Kallinikos) has gone on recorddescribing the warm relations he is pursuing with his local RTOC neighbors.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Stay away from these schismatics.


    Voices of Reason

    Official ROCOR Synod statement concerning the RTOC

    True Orthodoxy or Arrogation?

    Those presently claiming to be Catacomb bishops have very questionable backgrounds. Fr. Michael Protopopov provides some good background information on these groups here:

    The Orthodox Teaching on Schismatics

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