Bp. Akakije of Serbian True Orthodox Church Leads Anti-Sodomite Demonstration

October 16, 2015 (Source)

On Sunday, September 20th (according to the Civil Calendar), Bishop Akakije, and clergy and laity, of the True Orthodox Church of Serbia held a demonstration against the planned “Gay Pride” parade that Serbian civil authorities have decided to allow.

In his Message, Bishop Akakije warned the Serbian nation of the impending evils to fall upon the nation for the new abomination; he also warned against closer association with the secularist and anti-Christian European Union. Bishop Akakije also pointed out how Serbs suffer for their previous actions, such as the overthrow of the monarchy and acceptance of Communist authority, and that adding new evils to the nation will not help matters.

He also warned against accepting the push for ‘gay marriage’, and any closer control of the nation by the Zionist oligarchy.

A video of demonstration, complete with exorcism prayers read was posted to Youtube.

This follows similar protests in Serbia against the policy of the government to promote homosexualism.  Similar protests happened against the Serbian “Gay Pride” Parade, with the general population being against it.  As Serbia’s leadership draws closer to the European Union, and NATO, which had previously spent the last 20 years destroying the country and maligning it in every single way possible (replete with fabricated ‘concentration camps’ by CNN and other news outlets), any distinctive traditional Christian culture which survived the Communist period will be sought to be extinguished.