“Elder” Ephraim Supporter Fr. George Passias Suspended for Adultery

October 16, 2015  (Source: http://usa.greekreporter.com)

Following allegations of Greek Orthodox Pastor George Passias extramarital relations with parishioner Ethel Bouzalas, the Archdiocese of Greek Orthodox Church in America has officially addressed the scandal.

In its official announcement the Archdiocese informs its faithful that Passias has been suspended.

The New York Post’s had revealed Passia’s alleged extramarital relationship as well as the existence of an alleged adult tape including Passias and Bouzala.

Read the Archdiocese’s complete statement below:

In recent days, with heavy heart we have been confronted with a most regrettable matter involving a member of our Clergy, Rev. Fr. George Passias, and an adult female parishioner. We acknowledge the expected reaction of the faithful to feel deeply hurt and utterly disappointed, and the serious danger of scandalization. At the same time we know that the only one who walked on the face of this earth and was sinless was our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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NFTU: Fr. George Passias was a well-known supporter and ally of Elder Ephraim of Arizona. Fr. Ephraim and his supporters denied for years that Fr. George was involved in any bad activity. Of course, Fr. Ephraim has been heavily criticized for the cult of personality built up around him over the past 25+ years.  Fr. Ephraim has been well-known for doing such things as: giving penances for sins confessed and penanced 50 years ago; stating that the ecumenistic heresy isn’t serious enough to break communion with the heretical Phanar over; creating a ‘church within a church’; stating that any disobedience to him will ensure your damnation; attacking True Orthodox Christians while defending the Ecumenical Patriarchate; etc.

Of course, it is very possible that Elder Ephraim has been allowed to operate under the Phanar because of all these problems. It makes the ‘conservative’ or ‘traditionalist’ position look absolutely crazy. A sort of controlled opposition.

Thus, Ephraimites support Confession, which is good, but, then they do crazy things to make it look bad.  They support the traditional teaching on telonia, but, then state other teachings which make telonia look disreputable.  They state ecumenism is bad, but, support communion with the Phanar and praise the Ecumenical Patriarch and attack True Orthodox Christianity.  They support monasticism but then create a cult-like mentality to bring monasticism into disrepute.

Fr. George has stated he will ‘retire’ to Fr. Ephraim’s monastery and will be under Fr. Ephraim’s direction.

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  • October 16, 2015 at 1:31 pm

    Very well written, Father Enoch. Indeed, Fr. Ephraim is being used a Trojan Horse.

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