Patriarch Kirill Wears Watch More Expensive Than Most Russians’ Houses

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April 4, 2012
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April 8, 2012

Patriarch Kirill Wears Watch More Expensive Than Most Russians’ Houses

In other news, a New Calendar Church of Cyprus priest, facing financial problems, was arrested for running 3 kilos of marijuana. If MP Kirill had just sold that watch, this might never have happened. Maybe. Ok, maybe not.

(NY Times) MOSCOW — Facing a scandal over photographs of its leader wearing an enormously expensive watch, the Russian Orthodox Church worked a little miracle: It made the offending timepiece disappear.

Editors doctored a photograph on the church’s Web site of the leader, Patriarch Kirill I, extending a black sleeve where there once appeared to be a Breguet timepiece worth at least $30,000. The church might have gotten away with the ruse if it had not failed to also erase the watch’s reflection, which appeared in the photo on the highly glossed table where the patriarch was seated.

The church apologized for the deception on Thursday and restored the original photo to the site, but not before Patriarch Kirill weighed in, insisting in an interview with a Russian journalist that he had never worn the watch, and that any photos showing him wearing it must have been doctored to put the watch on his wrist. More>>>



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