Trial in Barnaul About Ascension Church Ends

On 21 JAN 11, the court in the city of Barnaul heard the case against the Ascension Church and Fr. George Titov and decided in favor of the claimant Fr. Sergey Belyayev. Fr. George Titov is ordered to hand over the keys to the claimant and not hinder his access to the church premises.

The claimant declined the court’s decision to accept the keys.

The court considers the matter closed and reiterated its decision forcing Fr. George Titov to allow complete access of the church to the claimant.

The court did not accept any of Fr. George Titov’s claims or evidence. It should be noted that a young man was present at the first hearing. When he appeared at the second hearing, inquiries were made and it is possible that he is Denis Klishin, a representative of the FSB office of the Altay region.

The court’s decision only reaffirmed the decision of Fr. George Titov and his parishioners to leave the MP. The level of government support of the interests of the Moscow Patriarchate is a testimony to their kinship.

Fr. George Titov (Translator unknown)