MP Defacto Official Branch of Moscow’s Foreign Offices

NFTU Editor–This comes as no surprise, as even the French know that the Moscow Patriarchate is in close cooperation with the regime in Moscow to conduct spying matters (for example, the recent concern of the gigantic 90,000 sqft MP church being build in the middle of Paris, which the French government believes is a spying front).

Moscow, January 24, Interfax – Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has promised support to international efforts of the Russian Orthodox Church and pledged further cooperation.

“We have coordinated with colleagues from the Russian Orthodox Church the plans of further cooperation in the strengthening of Russia’s position and authority on the international scene,” Lavrov said at the opening of the 19th International Christmas Readings at the State Kremlin Palace on Monday.

The ministry and the church have a common understanding of “the key role of the dialog between religions and civilizations,” he said.

“We highly value the Church efforts aimed to develop the dialog on international floors, including the Council of Europe and UNESCO, and aim at the creation of the most favorable political and diplomatic environment for this work,” he said.

The Church activity coincides with the Foreign Ministry’s cooperation with compatriots living abroad and “promotes the strengthening of spiritual and cultural relations between the Russian world and the home country,” he said.

“In close cooperation with the Russian Orthodox Church, the ministry resolves many international matters, including the reconstruction and building of Orthodox temples in foreign countries and the restoration of Russia’s ownership of Russian cultural monuments abroad,” he said.

Lavrov indicated the important role of the Church in the preservation of “spiritual and cultural traditions and values as the foundation of peaceful and constructive living and innovative development of Russia.”