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Tonight will be an hour-long episode of NFTU Radio!

Tuesday 11:30- Wednesday 12:30 AM
Fr Anastasios Hudson and Dcn Joseph Suaiden will be interviewing John Presson, the Protopsaltis for the Orthodox Metropolis of Portland.

Topics include John’s unique conversion story and what the Metropolis is doing to spread the ancient techniques of Byzantine chant in the modern world.

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Download Media files:
Part I – Jan 26,2011
 byzantine-chant-an-interview-with-protopsaltis-joh.mp3 (MP3 Format Sound, 6.5 MB)
 byzantine-chant-an-interview-with-protopsaltis-joh.wma (Windows Media Audio file, 6.5 MB)

Part II – Jan 26,2011
byzantine-chant-an-interview-with-protopsaltis-john-part-ii.mp3 (MP3 Format Sound, 6.6 MB)
 byzantine-chant-an-interview-with-protopsaltis-john-part-ii.wma (Windows Media Audio file, 6.6 MB)