Abp Mark (ROCOR-H): Ruthenia is Part of One Russia!

Well, if ROCOR has no right to independence, why should the UAOC have it? And why is Mark of Berlin calling Ukraine “Ruthenia”? That’s a term made up by Popes of Rome over hundreds of years.Hat tip: M.C.

(Interfax) Archbishop Mark of Berlin, Germany and Great Britain says the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad even less that the Church in Russia wants autocephaly for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

“We can’t even imagine Russia without Ukraine and the Russian Church without its Ukrainian part,” Archbishop Mark told the Yedinoye Otechestvo website.

According to the Archbishop, “the Ruthenian flock has been the most active for hundreds years, Ruthenian hierarchs were most prominent in Russia, to tear it away would mean a suicide.”

“I still can’t accept Ukraine separate from Russia, it doesn’t match my perception of Russian world,” Archbishop Mark said.