“Pagans” Blowing Up Churches? Something smells Fishy

Commentary– Article below: Russian nationalists blow up a Church? We find the hypothesis interesting to say the least if it’s actually, but saw it coming if it isn’t. For my part, it doesn’t altogether make sense. We can’t seem to find any information on this group, but one thing is certain– Russian nationalists are usually far more “religious” in one way than Communists, et cetera– they invariably agree on the need for the Orthodox Church (and usually use it to advance the theory that the Soviet advance was Jewish) though most extreme nationalists don’t trust the Patriarchate for their adherence to Sergianism (see: Russian National Unity). It is possible that if this isn’t a Russian nationalist group but simply a racist group, which would explain the paganism. But nothing can be found online for this group, and one would think with a news story like this making them famous they’d have a website. (Bet: the spooks create a website within the week!)

I can’t help but think that this is Patriarch Kirill’s “Janet Reno” moment. (After all, didn’t “His Holiness” ask us not to rush to judgment concerning the murdered priest? Then a building is bombed– and there’s a convenient pamphlet sitting there.) It seems to me that the nationalist movements are too difficult to control because of their splintering and they can’t be mollified by the Patriarchate. This stands against Putin’s aims. So blow up a Church when no one’s there, put a pamphlet from a fictional group that will never take credit and voila! You have justifications for arrests and searches. Dcn Joseph Suaiden, NFTU  Hat tip to M.C. for the article.

(Interfax) – A suspect detained as part of the authorities’ investigation into an explosion inside an Orthodox church in Vladimir is believed to be a member of a pagan group that is in conflict with traditional faiths, a spokesman for the Russian Interior Ministry’s department for the fight against extremism told Interfax on Friday.

An explosion occurred at the Sts Cyril and Methodius Church on the premises of the Vladimir State University on December 6, the spokesman said.

A pamphlet that was written on behalf of the White Storm group and contained remarks “aimed at inciting ethnic and religious hatred” was found inside the church, he said.

“A 28-year-old resident of Vladimir was detained for his suspected role in the crime. The information available to us suggests that he is an active member of a pagan group that is in conflict with traditional faiths,” the spokesman said.

An unknown person broke a window and threw an improvised explosive device, which presumably contained the equivalent of around 50 grams of TNT, inside the church early Sunday morning.

No one was hurt in the incident. The building was slightly damaged.