Bp. Andrei (ROAC) Receives US State Department Support

Bp. Andrei (ROAC) Receive US State Department Support
(Hat tip to Met. Daniel for the info.)

Editor Comments: Remember, the Russian government is attempting to seize relics from ROAC.  If they can successfully seize relics, then eventually they’ll begin seizing the relics of all other TOC in Russia.  First they seize temples, vestments, icons, and now, why not relics?  Soon no true Orthodox Christian priest in Russia will be able to safely keep an antimension without fear of the police busting in and ‘re-possessing’ the relic of the martyr. To those who say we are too ‘harsh’ on the World Orthodox patriarchates, let them take a good look at the fruits of these forces of wickedness. First they preach heresy (ecumenism and sergianism), and then they persecute, and now they will make life as difficult as possible.  To all those on the border or the fence, remember, choose now whom you will serve, but, “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Josue 24:15)

Bishop Andrew Pawlowski (Maklakov), head of the parishes of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church (ROAC) in the United States, was received on June 13 at the State Department of the United States, according to the magazine “Fidelity.”

An hour and an half meeting in Washington was initiated by representatives of the U.S. government in connection with the last campaign of persecution against ROAC unleashed by the authorities of the Russian Federation. As reported by “Portal-Credo.Ru” , on May 24, Court of Arbitration of the Vladimir region has decided to seize the relics of St. Euphemia and St. Euphrosyne of Suzdal from ROAC, and on June 4 bailiffs arrest power was given for such a purpose.

Bishop Andrew recounted to senior staff of U.S. foreign affairs agency of the lawless and unconstitutional policy of persecution against ROAC. His stories about the real facts of rough, sacrilegious violation of fundamental rights and freedoms of believers in Russia during the reign of the Putin-Medvedev tandem caused sincere anxiety and concern among the participants.
Employees of the State Department and accredited journalists asked many questions to Bishop Andrew, and on the discussion there was general agreement about the need for broad international campaign to support the persecuted Orthodox Christians in Suzdal, and other Russian cities.
On the same day, June 13, a representative of the Vladimir ROAC arbitration, Alexander Soldatov, visited the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and had a conversation with the staff of the political department of the embassy, ​being himself a​ correspondent of “Portal-Credo.Ru” . During the talks the U.S. side informed him of the State Department’s position regarding the inadmissibility of discrimination against the believers in ROAC and the beginning of broad international campaign in support of them.

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