Polls Suggest People Don’t Want the MP to Charge for Services

A rather interesting admission from Interfax, and a state allied polling agency, of all places, Mixed in, however, is the standard number demonstrating ‘support’ for Kyril of Moscow. However, it is telling that such a large majority of those interviewed should say what they say, and for it to be reported as such an high proportion, it must have been an overwhelming majority.  As a rule, when you want to falsify a ballot, vote, etc, you can only do so if the numbers are close; if there is too high a number against you, you can only ‘bring it down some’. .

Moscow, June 29, Interfax – Most Russians (53%) don’t want anything changed in the operations of the Russian Orthodox Church or its clergy, judging by the results of a poll taken by VTsIOM in June.


Other respondents suggested that the Church “stick solely to religious activities” (4%), “cancel fees for performing rites and stop trade in churches” (3%), “attract young people to churches” (2%), “stop interference in politics”, “pay more attention to spiritual upbringing” and “introduce religious studies in schools” – 1% each. One third remained undecided.

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