Russia: Tobacco Patriarch Reaches out to Cossacks; Some Cossacks form Separatist Republic

From “Mech-I-Trost”: On the feast of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin (October 14, 2009) on the Don, the Cossacks held two important and mutually exclusive events: in Novocherkassk – the MP-Sponsored field meeting of the Presidential Council for the Cossacks, and in the village Starocherkasskaya – separatists held the 2nd ( after the 1st in 1918) National People’s Congress of Cossacks. As it should be at the events of diametrically opposite political parties, movements, organizations, their ideas, solutions become, so to say, ideologically aggressive. At the Council meeting Moscow Patriarch Cyril Gundyaev, also known by the nickname Kuriles and the old KGB secret informer nicknamed “Mikhailov, the threat of the Don Cossacks, not wishing to merge with his” church “and the ruling regime. Meanwhile, Cossack nationalists, in their separatist Congress proclaimed the “restoration” of the Cossack republic. [Read Full article in Russian Here]