Protesters Manage to Stop Greek/Papal Dialogue

Excellent. This is worth a million times more than mealy mouthed open letters that do nothing from “traditionalists from within”. These people did their job and cancelled the conference for the day. God help them.

(Cyprus Mail) MEMBERS of Orthodox Christian unions along with clerics and monks yesterday disrupted a Paphos conference between Orthodox and Catholic Christians.

The unions, monks from Stavrovouni monastery and Larnaca clerics were protesting against the conference and demanding that Archbichop Chrysostomos II cancel it.

It was day one of the conference of the Joint Commission for the Theological Dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church.

The protesters claimed the dialogue between the two churches aimed in the submission of the Orthodox Church to the Pope.

The archbishop expressed his displeasure at the protest and asked the participants to visit him on Monday.

The Joint Commission is made up of representatives of the Orthodox and Catholic Churches and aims in restoring communion between them.

The two churches split in the 11th century in what became known as the Great Schism.

The protest caused the cancellation of the programme.

Paphos Bishop Georgios said everyone stresses that “there are differences, there are serious differences; a thousand years of division have increased our differences.”

“But times today necessitate reconciliation, despite our Churches going through hate and animosity, today we understand that we need to cooperate,” Georgios said.

The conference, which is held at the Saint George hotel, takes place every two years.

It ends on October 23.