Looking For New Writers and more wild stuff

Wanted: New Writers

Well, we got four writers, and two of them disappeared because, well, they were probably one person’s pseudonyms. I haven’t written on the matter because it has turned really into a sort of a mess and there are serious questions here about editorial integrity being compromised. So we are adding guidelines for writers on NFTU.

1) If you want to write for NFTU, please expect some sort of verification of your identity. You can use a pseudonym, but we want to know who you are. Otherwise, just forget it. After this last debacle, we probably need more breadth in our writers but at least we know who they are.

2) We are loose on the issue of jurisdictional affiliation because of the controversial nature of
a news site but if you claim to be part of a parish/jurisdiction, expect that we might call for a character reference. This is a case by case sort of thing. Recognized writers need no such verification, but someone calling with a weird name is going to get checked out. The True Orthodox World is pretty small, and we have friends in all the jurisdictions. We will eventually call administrators/hierarchs and ask around if we start noticing strange things happening on the website to determine identity. I personally, have no shame in calling those I am not in communion with, and asking if you are a real person. And I will take their word seriously.

That said, we are looking for new writers, especially those who are in jurisdictions of the TOC of Greece, since we are limited by language constraints and want to make this as broad a True Orthodox site as possible.

Ecclesiological Position on a News Site?

This last mess has forced us to state something clearly as well: NFTU does NOT support a particular ecclesiological position on World Orthodoxy and has not since it stopped being an unofficial ROAC website three years ago. Further we are not taking a position on “Old Calendarist Ecumenism”. We are a news site. If we write about any or all of the TOC hierarchies we are not supporting one or the other. Nor are we in the business of telling the reader who is more “right”.

Some folks trying to destroy our site in the past couple of weeks have stated this is a form of “Old Calendarist Ecumenism”. But for that to be true, we would be making a statement on behalf of our membership that we recognize any or all of the TOC jurisdictions. We don’t. Whether I personally do or not or who I recognize is largely irrelevant to the question since we’ve made it our goal to report on all the generally recognized jurisdictions we can who stand against ecumenism and modernism. This doesn’t mean we endorse all or any. It simply means there is news. Anyone who wishes to address the ecclesiological positions of the writers in question may gladly use the comment form to ask. NFTU doesn’t require a party line to join.

Subdeacon Joseph Suaiden, General Editor, NFTU