NFTU Doubles Readership Since 2009!

Well, we didn’t think we’d reach these numbers so quickly, but NFTU has literally doubled its readership in just 23 short months. Over 200,000 readers checked into the only True Orthodox and Ecumenism news site in the English-speaking world since January of 2011, and there is no sign this growth is going to stop. And that’s only counting actual website readers: NFTU‘s presence on social media and other media is growing as well.

Often we get asked how NFTU has grown so big considering True Orthodox are a minority. So here’s the real secret: the simple truth is: You can only get consistent True Orthodoxy from consistent True Orthodox. People don’t read NFTU because they get a watered-down version of the news, covering up for Bishop “A” or Patriarch “B”. They read it because they want to know what’s really happening. We have no agendas, and are not interested in promoting one jurisdiction over the other. Sure, we’ve taken stock of occasional attempts to co-opt our news presence for one or the other person, but these are abberations. The norm is the same: to get the news about Genuine Orthodox Hierarchs doing Genuine Orthodox work to spread the Gospel. This site has been reporting on True Orthodox news and events involving the ecumenists now for going on a decade. People know where to go to get their True Orthodox news, without propaganda from the state-sponsored ecumenist jurisdictions.

So are we done yet? Not by a long shot. With the goal of furthering people’s learning about Orthodoxy and the truth of our situation in the modern world, our focus for 2012, God willing, will be educational: that people can learn more, unfettered by propaganda, about finding the True Church, being True Orthodox, and living the faith. As more people open their eyes to the Truth about World Orthodoxy, it is our responsibility to show them where to go, and how to live the True Faith that people so desperately seek.

On behalf of all of us here, we wish you all the best, and God willing, we will continue to be able to serve you with joy in 2012 and beyond! May we all have a profitable fast of the Nativity, and may however long we have on this earth be oriented towards serving Our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ! From all of us here at NFTU, thank you for reading, for commenting, writing, reaching out, and all your support!

In Christ,
Dcn Joseph Suaiden
General Editor, NFTU