NFTU Radio is on!

Thanks to BlogTalkRadio, NFTU Radio is now on the air! NFTU Radio is planning two to three weekly half-hour shows covering different topics related to True Orthodoxy, Ecumenism, and news. The premiere episodes will be hosted by Dcn Joseph Suaiden (General Editor, NFTU) and Fr Anastasios Hudson (GOC Missionary Priest, Writer, Webmaster and Editor) and will be discussing True Orthodox missionary work today.

The first episode covers a lot of ground, and the topic will continue tomorrow (pending scheduling concerns) at the same time. (Update: Tomorrow’s episode is at 4:30 PM EST). By going to the NFTU radio link future “questions and answers” sessions will allow call-ins, as well as chat to address the hosts with questions and concerns. You can listen to NFTU Radio right here on the site by clicking the link above the top news stories– and the site will notify our readers whenever we are on the air.

Will there be a schedule of upcoming shows for the month?


There’s only one way to find out what’s on the next week’s episodes from here on in– following the NFTU Radio thread we’re creating on the Euphrosynos Cafe forum, where we will be announcing new stories, show ideas, as well as call-in information ahead of it appearing on the officially scheduled episodes of NFTU Radio.