Four New Bloggers Join NFTU’s Writing Staff

And We Are Looking to Add Your Voice

Four new Bloggers have added their talents to NFTU‘s team– three monks and Xenia Suaiden, the webmaster of Orthodox Christian.

Xenia Suaiden has already assisted NFTU by designing the templates of the site. She is using her considerable skills in finding news about ecumenism and modernism to contribute.

Father Augustine, a rassophore-monk of Holy Name Abbey, has offered to contribute his knowledge and skills in reporting ROAC issues and ecumenism, and editorials. He currently is the editor-in-chief of a new monthly diocesan publication entitled The Orthodox Standard for the Milan Synod’s Archdiocese of New York and New Jersey.

According to Mr. Demetrios Michaelides, “Father Agathangelos is a monk under the spiritual care of the Archbishop Chrysostomos of Athens and All Greece. His brother, Father Kallistos, is a monk under the spiritual care of His Eminence, Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Thebes.” This unique pair of brothers will assist with reporting on issues related to the jurisdictions of the True Orthodox Church of Greece as well as ecumenical issues.

With four new contributors, NFTU is still looking for three more. If you are interested in writing and blogging articles for a volunteer True Orthodox press, contact us using the link above.