Much is to be learned from a Lighthouse

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September 7, 2009
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September 8, 2009

Much is to be learned from a Lighthouse

(Translation from Greek to English by Mr. Theophilos Makaris)

There was once a Greek monk that lived his entire monastic life next to the sea. People would come and seek advice from him and he said nothing. They persisted. He said nothing but smiled. One day, a Turkish landowner came up to him and yelled, “OLD MAN! HAVE YOU GONE MAD?!?! DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO I AM?!?” He arose from the large rock he was sitting on and said, “There is much to be learned from a Lighthouse.” The landowner was puzzled by his statement. He said, “What do you mean to say?” The monk said, “Do you not see the Lighthouse?” The landowner, whom now had a crowd of people surrounding him, said, “I SEE IT! I AM NOT BLIND!” The monk replied, “But if you were in your boat at night, could you seek safety from the rocks without the Lighthouse?” The man replied, “No! How foolish you are to ask!” The monk replied, softly, “Such is the state of man without the Light of Christ within them. Their beacon cannot be seen by all. Men follow, but are crushed by the rocks, their own sins, because the beacon cannot be seen to guide them to safety.” From that time on, neither the landlord, nor the monk, said anything to anyone again, though the story of the monk and the landlord is spoken of by Elders to this very day.

Much is to be learned from a Lighthouse.


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