ROCOR-A Message to Members

Serbian Patriarchate Near to Breaking Communion with Romanian Patriarchate
May 26, 2012
ROCOR-A Council of Bishops on Sergianism
May 28, 2012

ROCOR-A Message to Members

The message to the flock of the Russian Orthodox Church

Dear brothers and sisters!
Five years have passed since then, when the attempt was made ​​to destroy the Russian Church Abroad. This is ample time to make the final conclusion of the incident. But first I would like to ask: Is aware of those who joined the so-called Moscow Patriarchate, which they lost one of the most precious gifts which the Lord gave His church – the gift of freedom? That freedom, without which no life in Christ? Freedom, in which the relationship between God and man is devoid of foreign “intermediaries” in the form of commitments to the stronger m pa i this?
Russian Orthodox Church Abroad has always called itself a free part of the Russian Church. This is our church remains to this day. We are truly free from dependence on political manipulation of criminal business, surplus property and the continuous need to lie.
If now the Moscow Patriarchate, and with it the former zarubezhniki, seriously consider themselves to be persecuted and are prayers for the cessation of the persecution of them, we continue to call himself a free Church and continually thank God for this freedom.
Connectedness of our former brethren, united by the Synod, headed by Metropolitan Hilarion, extends even to the impossibility of what they declared five years – to announce the completion of five-year plan “nepominoveniya” and deny some of his brothers did not offer the name of the Patriarch Primate MP for devotions. They understand that it threatens to further split. It is obvious that many did not have even five years to come to terms with the fact that Patriarch Kirill now their primate. It turns out yet another fraud on the part of the hierarchy: May 17 has passed, five-year plan is not implemented and extended for an indefinite period, until the fruit is ripe lies are not final.
We conclude, after five years from the date of signing of the union, one: we have seen in the final that really stayed with our fathers, and do not break the thread of continuity through them with the historic Russian Church. At the same time it is obvious that joined the MP joined to everything, from what our fathers swept aside, from which guarded our Church all the years of the triumph of atheism in our homeland.
Because apostasy is now spreading around the i th py and in front of everyone right denied Christian moral values, even the best European and American countries, the importance of Church Tradition is of particular importance. Inevitability of impending new mass persecution of the Christians, who have already begun quietly at the household level: in some of the “civilized” countries can not be openly wear a cross, and the clergy can not wear clothes befitting them. It has long been handed down crucifixes from public institutions and banned prayer in schools. In the so-called advanced countries, “sexual minorities” have more rights than other social groups, and those of their rights are protected by more than, say, the rights of Christians. Children have long been brought up not on the basis of Christian values, but on the basis of humanistic, and even the animals are equalized in rights with men. But perhaps the most dangerous is the formation of what might be called “social Christianity” – get along and are closely intertwined with all other religions, but in fact a forgery by genuine Christianity, and “social orthodoxy,” is inextricably intertwined with m i rum and true orthodoxy is a fake and the true Church. It is obvious that in this new, truly terrible reality of Christians should not keep pace with the index i rum, but should only be faithful to Christ.
We, the bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church, are appealing to anyone who may have heard the words of Scripture: “Dish DRC, kako dangerous to go (…) Thou are the days are evil” (Ephesians 5.15-16). Our way of life should not lie in m i p, with its ruinous illusory values, and to Christ, give us salvation from the dying m i pa and eternal life. We continue to walk the narrow path, on either side of which perish sectarianism and apostasy. Yes, this is our way, the Lord commanded, straight and true!

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  1. nicholasi says:

    I’m not familiar with the scripture quoted here:

    “We, the bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church, are appealing to anyone who may have heard the words of Scripture: “Dish DRC, kako dangerous to go (…) Thou are the days are evil” (Ephesians 5.15-16).”

    I thought Ephesians 5:15-16 went more like, “See therefore, brethren, how you walk circumspectly: not as unwise, but as wise: redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”

    If you expect to be taken seriously, you should act accordingly.

    • NFTU says:

      If you read and write in Russian, I’d be glad to take you on as an editor if you are True Orthodox.

      • nicholasi says:

        God willing!

        However, the point is that one expects a certain minimal editorial standard when one reads a certain website, especially one dealing with serious matters, such as NFTU.

        And such a minimal editorial standard would include making sure that the New testament is cited and quoted correctly.

        Are you too proud to just say, “Yes, I really made a mistake there! allowing a translation-travesty of Holy Scripture get past me like that.”?

        I appreciate very much that you are just trying to keep people informed, but a bad translation can be worse than incomprehension. (I wonder if that’s why ignorance is supposedly bliss.)

        Please excuse me repeating my response to another comment, but: You might as well just post the original article, in its ursprache, along with a link to Babelonian Jewgle Translate.

        May God bless you in your endeavors.

        • NFTU says:

          Ok! Yes, I really made a mistake there! allowing a translation-travesty of Holy Scripture get past me like that.

          So– are you True Orthodox? And can I include you in our next editing session?

          • nicholasi says:

            There now, was that so hard? Don’t you feel better?

            (Also, it wouldn’t hurt you to go and at least correct that part of the original post.)

            I would like to think of myself as T.O., if only I could figure out where this True Church is, and am I supposed to be then chrismated or (“re”)-baptized, and how much of a plane-trip I’ll have to take to get to such a church (and hopefully they won’t go out of communion between the time I get on the plane and arrive at the church!)

            As for editing, it’s how I consistently pay the rent and feed the offspring, so I guess I’m not that bad at it. If you like, I could point out a few less-than-clear passages and a suggestion or two before you “go to press”. Frankly, you seem a bit too stiff-necked to take constructive criticism, but miracles have been known to happen.

            I’d rather not post my email here, as I have a family (yes, literally a family) of creepy fetishistic pseudo-Orthodox cyber-stalking me across the web. I’ll contact you if you have a public email address.

          • nicholasi says:

            No response in 24 hours. I guess the “we need an editor!” comment was sarcasm. I speak Russian. But you obviously don’t need help. Adios.

          • My public email is, by the way.

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