Serbian Patriarchate Near to Breaking Communion with Romanian Patriarchate

 Serbian Patriarchate Near to Breaking Communion with Romanian Patriarchate

After a series of events over the past few years, notably fights between various of the World Orthodox Patriarchates against the Romanian Patriarchate, a new threat to break communion has arisen. As everyone remembers, the Jerusalem Patriarchate last year broke communion with Bucharest over Romania setting up diocese in its territory. Now, because of similar issues in Timisoara, the Serbian Patriarchate Synod has made a similar threat, that is, if the Romanians don’t cease and desist, Belgrade will end communion with Bucharest.

As time continues, it seems that the World Orthodox themselves are devolving, or have the strong possibility of devolving, into several Patriarchates that are out of communion with the other. Now, obviously, none of this is done for the right reason. Jerusalem, Belgrade, Bucharest, etc, are all fighting and breaking communion with the other over territorial issues. In the abstract, such issues are of grave importance, but, nothing in comparison with the heresies of ecumenism and modernism. It would seem like Jerusalem and Belgrade should be more concerned with the Romania position of concelebrating with Papists and giving them communion, then the territorial question. However, in the end, the World Orthodox, who are all form and no substance, are molding their only fighting points over the least of important issues that are facing them. They are concerned with territory, not because they actually care about the Canons (if they did, Belgrade would have their Patriarch celebrate with the Talmudist Rabbis, and Jerusalem wouldn’t illegal expelled their former Patriarch, nor would both tolerate decades of communion with ecumenist heretics, but, those apparently aren’t big issues, you can pray with Jews and Muslims, and deny Orthodox doctrine, but, if you move in one of the crime bosses territories, well, that’s an issue), but, because, as noted, they don’t want to loose any areas from each of their little empires they’ve carved out.

From the Statement by the Serbian Patriarch Holy Synod:

“Parliament with pleasure and gratitude to God states that the Serbian Orthodox Church keeps the liturgical and canonical communion and cooperation with other autocephalous Orthodox Churches, but in this respect there is, unfortunately, one exception. It is a noncanonical activities of the episcopate and clergy of the Romanian Orthodox Church on the canonical territory of the other Orthodox Churches, and ours. In our case, some bishops and clergy from neighboring Romania continues to come uninvited to some of the towns and villages of eastern Serbia, and the Diocese of Timok Braničevski, and there sveštenodejstvuju, without the knowledge or the approval of the bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church, thus destroying the very foundations of Orthodox ecclesiology and canonical order. For similar unacceptable actions of representatives of the Romanian Church of Antioch has repeatedly protested energetically, and then stopped, until further notice, liturgical and canonical communion with the Church. Parliament again for the umpteenth time, sent a protest to the Romanian Patriarch Daniel and his Synod because of uncanonical intrusion in the area under the jurisdiction of the Serbian Orthodox Church and regretfully said that if individuals from nursing Romanian Church – tolerated or encouraged by its Patriarch and Synod, anyway – do not stop their nebratskim and noncanonical action, take all the available canonical and legal measures to preserve the century-old canonical order and to stop the irresponsible toying with the sacred unity between the Orthodox Churches and the brotherly people, what are undoubtedly the centuries Serbian and Romanian people. If these measures do not help, the Council will be forced to, with deep regret, followed the example of holy Jerusalem Patriarchate. Fathers without a parliament known that among the Romanian bishops, clergy and theologians, many do not share the aggressive etnofiletistički course in recent years has caused no small earthquakes throughout the Orthodox world. Also, the Parliament, as before, we sincerely grateful to the Romanian Church in its proper relationship to the administrator of Timisoara diocese, its clergy and faithful, as the Serbian Orthodox Church foster fraternal relations with the clergy and faithful of the Romanian Church living in the Serbian part of Banat.”

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