New Calendarist Metropolitan of Komotini Greece Gives Qu’ran as Gift

Reported on April 15th (Source)

The trans-religious syncretism between Islam and World Orthodoxy seems to be very prevalent in the Greek speaking world. Noted is the move by the new calendar State Church of Greece metropolitan of Komotini and his gift of a Qu’ran to a Muslim cleric. A supposed sign of ecumenical solidarity.  However, as noted in many places, the Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomew (Archontonis), is a prime mover in the ecumenical outreach to Islam; for example, during his visit a few years ago to Atlanta, Georgia, he managed to give a long speech at the Coca-Cola company, and present a nice golden edged Qu’ran to the Muslim head, all the while lauding Islam. Even the Patriarch of Jerusalem is in the act of giving Qu’rans in efforts of Islamic-World Orthodox ecumenism. 

Can there still be a debate among any parties that the Phanar is still Orthodox? So the Ecumenical Patriarchate can proclaim Islam an holy religion, support abortion rights, and violently persecute (sometimes to the death) those men who oppose it,  still be Orthodox? Is there any use in mentioning and linking to the vast ecumenism of the Phanar with the Vatican? Wherein the Phanar states that the Roman Catholic Church, which holds views fundamentally opposed to Orthodox,y as being part of the Church, sharing the kiss of peace with the Pope, etc? What will there have to be for people to get off the fence on these issues; what will the Phanar, the Moscow Patriarchate, the Jerusalem Patriarchate, the Alexandrian Patriarchate, etc, have to do to leave Orthodoxy which they haven’t done?