The HOCNA-Makarios Synod Union: A Name-Worshipper Gathering?

We reported recently on the union between HOCNA and the GOC-Makarios Synod. With more details, NFTU has learned that at least two of the Bishops of the Makarios Synod are active name-worshippers already.

One of our sources, remaining anonymous, has indicated that between private correspondence between Bp Philaret of France and our source, the name-worshipping heresy was not only accepted formally by some of the bishops of the Makarios Synod as Orthodox teaching, but that they may have known in advance about the HOCNA leadership’s acceptance of the name-worshipping heresy in advance of the recent schism in HOCNA where the majority of the jurisdiction joined the GOC-Kallinikos.

The name-worshipping heresy, or “imyabozhie”, was condemned in the early 20th century by the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Russian Church. Its condemnation was one of the last accepted condemnations synodally in a pan-Orthodox fashion before the rise of ecumenism and Sergianism.

Further, we have learned that one of the Makarios Synod’s younger Bishops, Bp Nectarios (Yashunsky), was in fact an Archimandrite who wrote a monograph about name-worshipping before being consecrated by the Makarios Synod in 2007.

Since we had been given warnings in advance about the HOCNA union, it came as no surprise– however, the depth to which the name-worshipper “faction” in the Makarios Synod has grown, now having orchestrated the adoption into communion of the majority of the small, but deceptive, name-worshipper sect in America, does not bode well.

For the spiritual safety of our readers from entering into condemned heresies and for the sake of common sense, we will shortly remove the Makarian Synod from our national directory. As they only had one mission in the United States before this union, we imagine it won’t be particularly difficult.