MP to Build Church Next to FSB Academy

In what is probably the most blatant demonstration of collusion between the Moscow Patriarchate and the FSB (formerly the KGB) yet, Patr. Kirill has laid the cornerstone for a new chapel next to the Federal Security Service Academy on 70 Michurinsky Prospekt near the Universitet metro in western Moscow, to serve professors and FSB trainees.
The Moscow Times reports the development is to demonstrate the FSB’s solidarity with Patr Kirill because of the “crisis” brought about by a feminist protest group:
Viktor Ostroukhov, head of the Federal Security Service Academy, said at Tuesday’s ceremony that intelligence officers are “concerned” by attacks on the “Christian way of life.”
“Those attacks are aimed at young people,” Ostroukhov said, adding that his “armed” officers stand united with the Russian Orthodox Church.
Patr. Kirill claims that there is a lack of churches in the city, and that this building will serve the needs of the general public as well–citing a lack of churches in the area and overwhelming numbers of parishoners.
Because what people really want is a place to go to Church where an FSB presence is virtually guaranteed.