Icon of the Virgin “Umilenie” to Visit Romanian True Orthodox Church

The icon of the Virgin ‘Umileni’, a noted miraculous icon of Russia will arrive for the second time in Romania, on Thursday August 16, 2012 and stay until Sunday 20th, September of the same year.  During the over two weeks that the icon will be present in Romania, it will be kept at Slătioara, being continuously accessible to faithful who wish to venerate the icon.

The icon of the Virgin ‘Umileni’, a noted miraculous icon of Russia The icon had previously be brought to Slătioara last year, December 14/27, 2011and remained until December 27/January 9 2011/2012.  It was accompanied with great festivities on last visit, and such can be reasonably expected this time around. Undoubtedly a Procession with the Holy Icon will be held.

The Romanian Church’s website provides the following details about the Icon:

(Image not made by hand)

Miracle-working and myrrh streaming icon of the Mother of God “Umilenie” came about through the miracle of a devout Christian family in the village Locoti, Bryansk region of Russia – the former estate of the Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov, younger brother of Tsar Nicholas II..

  In 1999 on November 2 icon began to stream myrrh.

Our Lady of miles has shown many miracles:
– The opposite side of the icon image of the Mother of God appeared undone, and looks like  the hand and face Saviour  observed on the Shroud of Turin;
– the abundance of perfume with various scents;
– Several times the icon  sprang tears and dripped blood colored ointment;
– With many icons consecrate this face covering herself with perfume, other renewable one;
– During services of blessing the water, receiving water taste and smell great, it is spending time and dedication springs;
– By many prayers before the icon, patients often receive healing, there were those disappeared.
Îndoielnicii unbelievers and saw many miracles shown by the icon “Umilenie” return to the Orthodox faith.


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