MP Head in Ukraine: Abortion Should Be Legal.

Of course, it seems this is turning out to be par for the course of the World ‘Orthodox’ patriarchates and their organizations. If the excuse is that it will go underground, how is this different than the saying we shouldn’t be against Satanic child-sacrifice; because if we outlaw it, it will go underground. Surely the point of the law is to protect innocents against horrifically mangled and butchered deaths, not to make platitudes about how abortion is evil but to support its continued legal existence in ones own country, as Met. Vladimir does. But, then again, if the MP is running abortion services, as some sources indicate, then double-speak here, would make sense; after all, why interfere with the money train?

 The head of the UOC-MP does not support a prohibition of forced abortion and believes that the church should be governed by the laws and morals.

Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Vladimir is against a legal prohibition against abortion, because he believes that it will only lead to the fact that the operations would be covert. He stated this in an interview with the First National .
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