Archpriest Sergius Kondakov: ROCOR-A Extraordinary Sobor is the “Elimination of Traditional Russian Orthodox Church”

November 29, 2014  (Source:

On November 28, the Izhevsk Fathers, who have been involved (along with Bp. Dionysius, Bp. Irenaeus, and, originally, Abp. Sophronius) in a protracted dispute with Metropolitan Agafangel and other ROCOR-A leaders, concerning the nature of the ROCOR, have replied on their radio program “The Voice of Orthodoxy” to the recent Extraordinary Sobor held in Odessa, Ukraine.

Archpriest Sergius Kondakov went so far as to state that the council has been the “elimination of the traditional Russian Orthodox Church”.  The Sobor was even seemingly compared to a “Robber Council”. Much of their ire seems to be directed at Metropolitan Agafangel, whom they accuse of being a Ukrainianist, Neo-Sergianist, etc.

The different priests on the program support Bp. Dionysius and Bp. Irenaeus, and seemingly exonerate Abp. Sophronius of ‘cowardice’. Mention, interestingly, is made of General Pinochet and who, apparently, better understands his relationship to the ROCOR, It is, obviously, to be expected that the situation would not necessarily die down suddenly.  Whether the two bishops who have been suspended from serving by the ROCOR-A Sobor will comply, or ROCOR-A clergy in Russia will attempt to form a new ‘true continuing ROCOR’ in Russia remains to be seen.

For a full account of the statements by the Izhevsk Fathers see here in English, for the Original Russian, here.