Metropolitan Agafangel (ROCOR-A) on the Arising of Antichrist

November 29, 2014  (Source:

(Warning: Machine Translation)

In recent years, talk has significantly increased about the Antichrist, as signs of his coming, and more are coming true, and the level of moral degradation has long been below the poverty which could be considered the maximum allowable. In general, the majority of people do not even believe in God and the Last Judgment, is becoming increasingly clear that expected in the foreseeable future, except for the Antichrist and the end of the world, the population of our planet flying and spinning until this world still exists, in practice, there is nothing more and nobody. It is at the level of society as a whole.

Of course, before the Antichrist is born in the hearts of people, when the hearts of men leaving the Spirit of Christ, his place is taken by the spirit of the enemy of the human race. When these devastated people typed in the number of critical people, this people are beginning to crave the corresponding ruler himself and is ready to live, even in poverty and complete lack of rights, but, still, enjoying their ruler (especially if he carries out any military action). When emptied the heart of the majority of mankind, then there ground on which reigns first and last ruler of the world – the Antichrist.

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