NFTU Radio to Become 24-Hour Online Radio Station

Thanks to the addition of a regular schedule, NFTU Radio has experienced large growth in terms of listener base in 2012– changing its dynamic. Not only have the radio shows increased awareness of NFTU, our goal remains making True Orthodox information and stories more visible on the Internet. As we continue to build, that visibility increases. Thanks to that regular schedule as well, many of our listeners have been asking for more and longer shows.

We’ve decided to do one better by our listeners.

NFTU will be will be creating a 24-hour radio station, and our live NFTU Radio will become “NFTU Behind the Web” (that’s the proposed name for now), a program on NFTU Radio; our live call in show will change its time and be increased to 60-90 minutes. We intend to broadcast news, informative shows, rebroadcasts of our most popular episodes, and services and sermons of True Orthodox clergy and churches. Will be reaching out to TOC leaders to see what we can make available while spreading the message of True Orthodoxy throughout North America.

We’ll be looking for recorded music and sermons from all True Orthodox people and in all languages available. Everything we put up will be online and available to all listeners. We will also have news broadcasts (this is in the planning stage) every 15 minutes throughout the day, to be updated throughout the day as news breaks.

Obviously, we will be continuing to work on improving our audio quality in general. Down the road, if multilingual broadcasting grows, we hope to have that available as well!

We expect the full implementation of NFTU radio, God willing, to be up and running within the next 7-10 days, so keep watching as the changes keep coming. And keep listening!