Haiti appeal from Metropolitan Agafangel (ROCOR-A)

Updated: 1/17. English translation of Ukaze follows. Huge hat tips to R.D. and Pd.B., who have been following the Haiti situation closely.

No. 068, January 1/14, 2010

General Ukase to all
Archpastors and parish rectors
under the authority of the ROCA First Hierarch
and to all faithful members of our Church.

In response to the tragic natural disaster that has claimed so many lives in Haiti, a collection will be taken the very next Sunday in all our parishes in support of our parishioners who have suffered there.  Anyone unable to take up a collection next Sunday, should do so next week.

The funds collected should be sent to the ROCA Assistance Fund (headed by Dimitri Gontscharow, website – http://sinod.ruschurchabroad.org/assistance%20fund.htm ), which will send them to the head of the Haitian Mission, Archpriest Gregory Williams, who will provide the funds directly to the suffering people.
The President of the Fund, Dimitri Gontscharow, should also send out an appeal on behalf of the Fund for help for the suffering people, while Mission head Fr. Gregory should do the same on behalf of the Mission.

May God bless all those who do not remain indifferent to the plight visited upon our brothers.
Synod of Bishops Chairman
The Most Reverend
Metropolitan of New York and Eastern-America

Update (1/17): a little message to our political friends at ROCOR-Unity, who realized today there was an earthquake (subject of course to alex’s approval.)

Since it seems your administration is unaware of who is where, Fr Gregory Williams says that Fr Gregoire of your church is alive. While I realize it would involve touching “schismatics” you will probably get more information about your own people at http://www.haitianorthodoxmission.org/earthquakerelief.html
For the sake of the safety of your own individuals, you should use all the information you can get. 100,000 people are dead. We can only hope you are sufficiently above politics to realize that.
In Christ
Deacon Joseph

Hat tip: A.A.While our Russian is limited here, we received just now an appeal from Metropolitan Agafangel to assist in the Haiti crisis. (Click the link for the full appeal in Russian.) Most NFTU readers know that the Russian traditionalist Churches have the strongest foothold to assist in Haiti, and from what we can see, the ROCOR under Vl  Agafangel will be using a special collection to assist in this disaster, and assign Fr Gregory Williams to assist in aid distribution.

You can use the link below to help and get aid to Haiti here.

http://sinod.ruschurchabroad.org/engAssistance Fund.htm

Trust me, I personally know money is tight. My Bishop’s monastery just got a whole new world of costs added. Personally, I might run another appeal for our situation here in our home. But this is important, and this is now. We are talking about thousands reposed. Let’s do what we can for the living.