A New Iconographic Aesthetic

We don’t make it up, folks….

(Interfax) – Modern church art should keep abreast with the times, rather than copy some “abortive simulacra”, Viktor Bondarenko, icon historian and big icon collector, said.

“How do I see it? It is a church put up of composite materials. It is a plasma icon-stand and some kind of laser lighting system instead of chandeliers. And holograms,” Viktor Bondarenko said in an interview to Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper published Friday.

According to him, “it would be strange to sing medieval hymns in such church,” and, therefore, “the sermon might sound like a rap-song.”

Bondarenko reminds those who find his ideas too defiant, that the sermon “dates back to the street language of 4-5th centuries and this is the reason why it had such an impact on the society.”