ROCOR-V South Russian Clergy: “Virtual Synod is not Valid” On Bp. Martin

November 27, 2014  (Source:

Originally reported on November 25

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When the servant of the Church of Christ, the Orthodox bishop, is  falsely accused and wickedly condemned for the cause of Christ, entrusted to him again, you owe it to God that it obliges him to officially deny the accusations, so that these charges do not become a stumbling block to the flock, and the connivance of evil. For this reason, the clergy of the South Russian Diocese sympathetic to the request of its ruling bishop, expresses its support. In turn, we consider it our duty to declare that lawless action of the “e-synod” against the Bishop of the Diocese of South-Russian, inter alia, are the result of the total loss of American and Ukrainian bishops  understanding the simple truth that they are Russian bishops raised by God to lead the Russian Church and have every possible care about the people whose name is present in the name of the Church. As a result, they are lost or completely withdrawn from this elementary spiritual responsibility for everything that happens on the territory of the former Russian Empire. Otherwise, how can we explain that these bishops, led by Archbishop Vladimir, consistently opposed the major pastoral acts of Bishop Martin. He Anathematizes the misanthrope, Antichrist Stalin, it is not understood. Does the Council of Bishops, together with the Diocesan Assembly, express catholic attitude towards the godless Moscow Patriarchate, to the restoration of the Orthodox autocracy, to return the name of the Church, which in fact ceased to be Orthodox – all met with hostility and silenced. Even more indicative of the attitude of the bishops to the events associated with the reunification of the Crimea with Russia.

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