The “Council” continues: Conservative MP Bishop to be officially disciplined

Well, we had predicted that the Romanian Synod wouldn’t bother to punish Metropolitan Nicolae Corneau for communing with Roman Catholics, but we never guessed that the Moscow Patriarchate would punish Bishop Diomid of Chukotka (whose anti-ecumenical polemic was reported here (see: link) for his positions, considering the great size of his region (total regional population: 55,000) for his position. Russia is a rather large country, and punishing a Bishop of his stature is symbolic more than anything else. — NFTU

(Interfax) – The working group of the Bishops’ Council of the Russian Orthodox Church criticized the policy of Chukotka Bishop Diomid, and the Council will make a decision on his future on Friday, Bishop Mark of Yegoryevsk, the secretary of the working group of the Council, told Interfax-Religion.

The working group “unanimously criticized the actions of Bishop Diomid,” he said.

“It is necessary to wait until Friday when the Council will make a decision on the future of the Chukotka bishop and assess his actions,” he said.

Bishop Mark urged journalists not to hype the tension around the issue concerning the future of the bishop of Chukotka. “It is not advisable to predict any decisions of the assembly,” he said.

Bishop Diomid of Chukotka has repeatedly made statements in the past year and a half calling for the self-isolation of the Russian Orthodox Church. He has also called for the rejection of any dialogue with the authorities, other religions, as well as the rejection of missionary activity among the youth.