Bishop Diomid Prays In Cell Waiting for Result from the Council

(Interfax: Link Bishop of Anadyr and Chukotka Diomid, whose fate should be decided Thursday at the Bishops’ Council, spent the evening in prayer, associated of the bishop told an Interfax-Religiia correspondent.

After the conclusion of the all-night vigil, the bishop shut himself in his cell and refused to talk with journalists.

Yesterday one of the working groups of the Bishops’ Council being held in Moscow reviewed the “question of Diomid” and unanimously expressed condemnation of the actions of the Chukotka bishop, who over the course of a year and a half has called for the self-isolation of the Russian Orthodox church, openly criticizing Patriarch Alexis II, Metropoitan Kirill, and other prominent church figures for their openness to dialogue with society, the authorities, and representatives of other religions and confessions.

It is expected that this evening the council will deliver its determination regarding the question of the future of Bishop Diomid.

Meanwhile, supporters of Bishop Diomid have periodically appeared in the premises of his press center during the three days of the work of the council and have tried to deliver to journalists fresh pamphlets in support of the Chukotka hierarch. (tr. by PDS, posted 26 June 2008)

NFTU: They have to let him go free to do what he wants at this point. They have to. They’ve made their point. We can’t imagine them suspending or deposing him. It makes no sense. Wasn’t this enough?