GOC-K Holds Services for Welfare of Greek Nation

October 13, 2014 (Source: http://www.ecclesiagoc.gr/)

On this past October 8th NS, which is September 25th on the Church Calendar, Hierarchs of the Synod of Genuine Orthodox Christians under Archbishop Kallinikos held services for the welfare of Greece. The Supplicatory Canon to Our Lord Jesus Christ was sung.  Abp. Kallinikos also gave a sermon on the state of society and the Greek nation. He stated that the hope of the people is in Christ and that Orthodoxy is the key to the Greek culture. He identified the Orthodox Christian Faith and the Greek language as the two key features of modern Greek society.  Abp. Kallinikos in his speech further pointed out 6 points that he identified as timeless values; briefly they are summarized below:

1. Reason and not the sword being the means for propagating Orthodoxy.
2. That we should love our  enemies, not simply have a ‘benevolent mood’ toward them. Orthodoxy never accepted the principle of the persecution of  heretics ( see Saint Theodore the Studite).
3. The Equality of all peoples and races before God, and by extension before the law.
4. The result being the improvement of the condition of women and the sanctity of marriage and the family.
5. Freedom and not slavery. God respects man’s freedom, because man is made in God’s Image.
6 Patriotism. The only time war is tolerable is to repel invasion and repel invaders.


Abp. Kallinikos also made the statement that Islamic, Hindu, etc, non-Christian countries see no problem with the incorporation of their religious values into how they view society. However, with Europe it is different:

“In contrast, in Europe I see every day those who wish to think and behave according to the values ​​of Christianity in political and social life, but they are considered “problematic”. ”

In Greece, the Genuine Orthodox Christians are considered obscurantists and fanatics, but, it was never the ‘Old Calendarists’ disturbing Litanies in a New Calendar church; breaking up marriage services, disrupting funerals, trampling and knocking down Chalices, beating up clergy and forcibly shaving them, etc. On the contrary, this has been the activity of the New Calendarists; and yet, Abp. Kallinkos says, we are called the ‘fanatics’ and the ‘fundamentlists’!

Abp. Kallinikos also touched on a subject that is extremely important; that is, that abortion, or infanticide, is funded by the Geek state via the state insurance funds. Greeks have even surpassed other European nations in this greatest of evils. Abp. Kallinikos’ states that ‘gay marriage’, polygamy and ‘marriage’ with even animals is becoming acceptable in society.

Also targeted was the mass immigration into Greece of heathen (i.e. Muslim) foreigners whose goal is the eventual subjugation of the Greeks to Islamic rule. This combined with low Geek birthrates (due to abortion, etc) is proving catastrophic for the Greek nation. So, why does the Greek state continue to fund the building of mosques!?

Abp. Kallinikos concludes by stating it is our duty to love all peoples, and behave as the doctor does toward patients with disease. Yet, we should also learn from medicine that precautions against disease should be taken (such as Ebola in Africa). We must learn the warnings from sacred history, especially the evil that befell Sodom and Gomorrah. However, we can take courage from the reprieve granted to Nineveh:

“And the men of Nineve believed God, and proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloths, from the greatest of them to the least of them.  And the word reached the king of Nineve, and he arose from off his throne, and took off his raiment from him, and put on sackcloth, and sat on ashes. And proclamation was made, and it was commanded in Nineve by the king and by his great men, saying, Let not men, or cattle, or oxen, or sheep, taste any thing, nor feed, nor drink water.  So men and cattle were clothed with sackcloths, and cried earnestly to God; and they turned every one from their evil way, and from the iniquity that was in their hands, saying, Who knows if God will repent, and turn from his fierce anger, and so we shall not perish?” (Jonah  3: 5-9)