Fr. Andre Kuraev: Blue Lobby Still Major Problem in Moscow Patriarchate

December 03, 2014  (Source:

After a recent story in a Russian online periodical about the continuing problems and scandals at the Moscow Theological Academy, the well-known Moscow Patriarchate Protodeacon, Fr. Andre Kuraev, commented on the piece.

The article highlights the continuing power of what Fr. Andre describes as the “Blue Lobby”, which, apparently is another name for the ‘gay lobby’ in the Moscow Patriarchate.  Fr. Andre states that after he asked a number of former students about the events described in the article, they all replied that it was mostly all true, or that they could confirm most of it, though some they had no knowledge of.

Apparently, according to Fr. Andre, this has been a long running problem in the Moscow Patriarchate, with high level bishops involved in unsavory activities, or at least complicit, in covering them up. The anonymous writer of the letter to the Russian online periodical apparently confirms earlier mention surrounding Fr. Andre’s firing from the Moscow Theological Academy,  connecting with his attempt to criticize the practice of the seminary leaders.