GOC-K Event Commemorating 90 Years Since Calendar Change

December 02, 2014  (Source: http://www.ecclesiagoc.gr)

(warning: Machine Translation)

Ninety years have been completed this year from that dreadful time, in 1924, when there was made the waves of change of ecclesiastical tradition  from Church Calendar and the introduction of the new Gregorian calendar in the life of worship of the Church of Greece. This was the first step, which included the  heretical Encyclical of 1920 that opened the back door to ecumenism for the Church of Greece. On the occasion of this anniversary, the Holy Synod of the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christian Greece organized the anniversary of the events in the hall events OLP, honoring the persons, the sacrifices and struggles of all those pure Genuine Orthodox clergy and laity that kept the Orthodox confession and from heterodox defilement in the innovation and heresy of ecumenism.

The keynote speaker was our Archbishop Kyr. Kallinikos, who through the inspiring speech, he made ​​a flashback of events before and after 1924. He described the struggles and suffering of genuine Orthodoxy our forefathers and castigated ecumenists and their treacherous work, drawing examples and arguments from patristic literature and proper delivery of our Orthodox Church. The Archbishop stressed particularly the size of the fall of the Ecumenists, sequences whose consciousness is so deep erosion, and mitigate the Orthodox sensors and such criteria, making them apathetic onlookers of events, unable to reaction forces and substantially even in those hateful, anti-Orthodox and treacherous events happening these days in slaked Phanar by ecumenical Patriarch and minded it.

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