Bp Benjamin (RTOC) of Kuban: Paschal Epistle

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

Dear brothers and sisters, hierarchs and pastors,

honor the priesthood and religious, pious worshipers!

With pastoral love in the Risen Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ, our, I congratulate you on this occasion of celebrations of the celebrations. Rejoice, beloved, and rejoice, Christ is Risen!

Behind us remain good career Holy Lent, we’re all in this time of grace have tried to demonstrate and educate the best part of his priceless and immortal souls: patience, meekness, forgiveness of injuries, purity of heart and, of course, love.

Why is our Lord and God Godparents undergoing suffering, death postrada, so our salvation as He hath done, and the one true winner of the third day of death is risen from the tomb?

By this alone, that God is Love, and led the Great He was the sacrificial love of humanity, and now we all know his new commandment: ‘Yes, like other drug, as He Az vozlyubih you’ (Jn . 13, 34)

This commandment is the beginning and end of all God’s Commandments, it contains the whole law of God. On this festive day, we are enlightened by the Easter joy, which is an expression of God’s love for us – the people.

Now we are celebrating the Bright Resurrection of Christ, and if we keep themselves and their blizkih worthy of the title of True Orthodox Christians, the Merciful Lord through the prayers of the whole plenitude of the Church grants us the Resurrection of the Holy Orthodox Tsarist Russia with gryaduschim autocratic sovereign, truly Orthodox Anointed of God.

Pass a terrible time of troubles, rise all the Triune Holy Orthodox Russia, and then in due time Gospodom and we are all in this mortal life on earth will be resurrected to eternal blessed life with the risen and reigned Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ nashim, to Whom are due all glory to ascribe His Father and the Holy and life-giving Spirit, Amen. Amen.

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

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