Abp Michael Donskoff (ROCOR-MP) in Ecumenical Meeting

Archbishop Michael (Donskoff) of Geneva (the same bishop who famously assaulted Metropolitan Vitaly in Canada a decade ago) attended an ecumenical convention on Tuesday and Wednesday which affirmed that the Roman Catholics and Orthodox were “sister Churches”.

The report comes from the department of external relations of TOC of Russia, citing Vatican Radio:

An Orthodox-Catholic meeting, organized by the Swiss Conference of Catholic Bishops, was held May 8-9 in the Swiss city of Fribourg. It was the first official meeting of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Switzerland and the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops of Switzerland, combining, respectively, 12 and 8 bishops, said, “Vatican Radio .”

The main purpose of the meeting was “a mutual acquaintance, prayer and sharing of pastoral and theological experience,” said a joint communique of heads of organizations of Bishop Norbert Brunner (Catholic Church) and the Metropolitan Jeremiah of Switzerland (Patriarchate of Constantinople).

“The Catholic and Orthodox Churches recognize each other as sister Churches”, – stated in the Joint Communique of Catholics and Orthodox officials.

In attendance at the ecumenical meeting was Archbishop Michael (Donskov) of Geneva (ROCOR-MP). Prior to joining the ROCOR-MP, he was known for his anti-ecumenical statements. In 1997, in discussing ROCOR parishes in Russia, he told his congregation that “the only difference between the Catholics and the Moscow Patriarchate is that the Catholics fell away from the Church 1000 years ago, and the Moscow Patriarchate only 70 years ago.”

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