Patriarch Bartholomew Honored With ‘Freedom of Worship Award’

Patriarch Bartholomew Honored With ‘Freedom of Worship Award’


 Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew has once again been acknowledged for his humanistic actions. Not only is he regarded as the “Green Patriarch” by many due to his environmental sensitivity during the last twenty years – which is rather rare for a spiritual leader – and as a peace-building agent in Eurasia, but now he is also honored with the ”Freedom of Worship Award” as he has proved to be one of the most tolerant, respectful and kind religious personalities of our time.

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I nearly fell out of my seat when I saw the award recently given to the current claimant of the Ecumenical Throne of Constantinople, the soi-distant Patriarch Bartholomew.  Apparently, the man who  violently sentenced the attacks and resultant injuries and deaths upon the monks of Holy Ascension Monastery (Esphigmenou), is also very much concerned with ‘religious tolerance’ and building bridges between ‘Christians, Muslims, and Jews” in areas like the Balkans, etc.  Patriarch Bartholomew certainly is concerned very much about inter-religious ‘dialogue’ with the followers of the Islam; after all, he presented a nice golden Qu’ran to the head of Coca-Cola not long ago, all the while lauding the Qu’ran as the Holy Book of our ‘Brothers and Sisters’ the Muslims (hmm..What would the New Martyrs of Greece have thought? What do they think as they see this man making this claim?). 

Of course, Patriarch Bartholomew has long been praised for his participation in the ‘environmental movement’. This seems to be the same environmental movement that is so concerned, of all things, with population reduction.  Perhaps this explains Patriarch Bartholomew’s tacit acquiescence to total support of abortion ‘rights’ . Yet, I think, the authors of the linked article above have much ‘right’. That is, for example, they praise Bartholomew’s ‘humanistic’ motives, and his being the ‘Green Patriarch’.  Certainly we see his humanistic motives, exemplified by his lifelong adherence to the humanistic values of abortion, violent religious persecution, denial of the Christian truth and prayer with those who deny the Orthodox Christian Faith, as well as his great love for the values embraced by many of the global elite (such as the Coca-Cola company, etc), in his high praise given for aborting retarded children, we can also look at Bartholomew’s praising of Islam and his blessing of the Ramadan Islamic fast (can a Christian Patriarch bless the fast of those who reject the Trinity, the Deity of Christ, the Sacraments, the Sacrificial Death of Christ and His Resurrection, that is, the very fundamentals of the Gospel of Salvation?)

What are we to think? What more can be thought? Can more be written? Certainly; and more should be written. This is not a time to just say, “Oh well, they’re not part of us, or the true Orthodox Church, so we should just ignore them and move on.” No, this can’t be done. Why? Because, 1) We have to be, primarily concerned with the Truth, 2) The Truth and honest concern means concern for the souls of all the people involved in this large scale error, including Patriarch Bartholomew, who despite his blasphemies, heresies, violent acts, support for mass murder of unborn children with no condemnation of the legality of modern day spiritual Moloch worship (views shared by the MP Metropolitan of Kiev, to our great disgust), despite all this and more, the man still is made in the image of God and, thus, Christ died for Him and desires his joining to the True Faith and Church and thus his salvation, 3) This won’t just go away because we ignore it; in fact, if you ignore things like this, they get big; and, when you try to evangelize people, many, if you don’t teach them the different between World ‘Orthodox’ and true Orthodoxy will easily fall into the trap of the World ‘Orthodox’ and fall away.  

Will I say more now? Probably not; but, everyone out there needs to read this information, and that of the links. They need to say, “This man claims to be an ‘Orthodox’ Patriarch and he does, says, and believes these heresies, evils, and horrors?”  

-Fr. Enoch


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