American Metropolia announces four new Bishops to be received in August

(l. to. r) Bp Fanourios, Metr. John, Bp Christodoulos 

(source) The Autonomous Metropolia of North and South America and the British Isles under the primacy of Metropolitan John of New York announced on its website that four new Bishops would be made for the Synod to serve North and South America on August 25 and 26th New Style. Two Bishops are going to be assigned for South America, and two for North America– one for Canada, and one for the United States. 

The website states that the Synod has been preparing for this event for approximately six months and included contact information for none other than the general editor of this site, so that potential attendees may get more information. Since the source is close to NFTU (it helps to be one of the people involved in organizing) we can let slip here that the events may actually take place in up to three regional churches, with a central focus likely being on the Transfiguration Church in Woodstock and that transportation for the events will be provided.

More information will be released after Metropolitan John’s planned return from the Annual Celebration of True Orthodox Unity, taking place on July 15 in Moscow.

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