American Metropolia Appeal for Monastery Building Funds

The following is from the Synod’s website:

Our Metropolia is now beginning the process of rebuilding the Orthodox Western Rite Monastery at our Holy Transfiguration Western Rite Orthodox Church on Mt. Overlook in Woodstock, NY. The original monastery structure was torn down a few decades ago due to age and instability. After some years of planning, we are now seriously beginning the process of restoring the monastic community (for the past few years, many efforts were concentrated on finishing the new monastic church at our Metropolia’s Western Rite Orthodox Abbey of the Holy Name), which means rebuilding the monastery.  The labor costs are taken care of by volunteer help by various clergy and laity of ours, including professional contractor services being donated. The only cost will be building material.

The monastic community has enough land to grow food, and can be totally self-sustaining for all necessaries of life.

We have set the goal at $150,000 dollars for building the structure. We encourage serious prayer for this holy endeavour and donation of funds for a work to the Glory of Jesus Christ.

A GoFundMe page has been created to raise funds:

For additional details contact Holy Transfiguration Western Rite Orthodox Church asking for Father Deacon John Nelson at:

(845) 750-9303

The Abbey of the Holy Name may be contacted as well at 1-973-838-8795

The ecclesiastical Brotherhood of the Dormition sponsors the funding process through GoFundMe. The Orthodox Brotherhood of the Dormition is an Orthodox fraternal organization dedicated to the promotion of the traditional Orthodox Faith through Orthodox Western Rite by focusings on devotion to Our Supreme Lady Theotokos. The Brotherhood is a stavropegial institution directly subject to the Metropolitan.


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