American Metropolia: Diocesan Center Severely Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has caused massive damage throughout the Northeastern United States, and because of this, the monastery where NFTU Radio’s own Fr Enoch resides has been affected pretty badly by the storm.

The town of West Milford has approximately half of its residents at this time without power, and this will be true for up to ten more days. Supermarkets are primarily selling non-perishable canned and boxed goods since they are prohibited from selling fresh or refrigerated items for fear of contamination with food poisoning.

Metropolitan John of New York in a pre-schism Western service at the Abbey, which has been without power since Monday

The following is from an email message sent for distribution to the hierarchs of the Sister Churches of the American Metropolia:

The Abbey of the Holy Name, the monastery where Vladyka John lives has been crippled by the storm– they have not had electricity for almost a week! Almost the entire town of West Milford is without power. The stores have been closed, and the gasoline stations cannot get gasoline.

The power company says that they are going to be without power for up to another week.

They need all our prayers at the monastery…. There is nowhere to buy everything– since the stores are closed too, and they have to limit their travels, as they cannot get enough gas to leave very far from the area!)

Thank God, they prepared, and cook the food outside. I have spoken to them, and they thank God for the opportunity to live as our Fathers did a hundred years ago, with candles and fire. But they need our prayers.

Unfortunately, this will also delays certain shows that we needed to start our inaugural week with original material. Our own plans for the 24-hour station are therefore being pushed up two weeks by the end of November.

Please keep our monastery and all those affected by the storm in your prayers.